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We are delighted to announce the first new video pitches in 2021

Rocks Lane have partnered with PlayCam’s video replay service for video coverage of two pitches at the Chiswick, West London venue.

With COVID-19 restrictions preventing the launch at the start of January 2021, we are thrilled to finally announce the rollout of the PlayCam service. The recording service has been agreed on a trial basis with the option to continue.

Now the Government is setting out its roadmap for a return, we’re looking forward to seeing action on the two 5-A-Side pitches that we now cover at Rocks Lane.

Rocks Lane - Chiswick - Football Recordings - West London

Rocks Lane - Chiswick - 5-A-Side Football - West London - PlayCam

5-A-Side video replays

PlayCam at Rocks Lane Chiswick is no different to our other London football venues. Players can relive their action in under 40 minutes after the final whistle*, unlike other recording services where teams have to wait days or weeks to see their game highlights.

PlayCam at Rocks Lane Chiswick uses multiple pitch cameras, this means that stunning goals or amazing skills can be watched from different angles. We also offer the ‘Submit a clip‘ feature, which allows players at Rocks Lane to crop their favourite highlights to share with friends.

Rocks Lane - Chiswick - Football Replay - West London - PlayCam

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Rocks Lane - PlayCam - Chiswick - London

Friday Night 5’s Coverage

The Friday Night 5s is a huge success at Rocks Lane Chiswick  with 150 junior teams playing across 11 floodlit pitches. Friday Night 5s promotes fair play, friendship and fun to over 1200 junior footballers every Friday evening.

This posed a challenge for PlayCam, as most of the games played under the cameras were accessible for everyone online. These 5-15 year old matches must remain restricted to the children and their parents.

PlayCam has now introduced a new Private Viewing feature which keeps these videos exclusive to those participating on the pitch.

Friday Night 5’s Coverage

There is an exceptional community vibe here at Chiswick. From adult kick-arounds to junior leagues, players are sure to enjoy the PlayCam service here. We’re so excited to get started and we look forward to working with Rocks Lane to make playing 5-a-side football an even better experience.

5-A-Side Football Bookings - Chiswick - West London - PlayCam

PlayCam Football Recording - 5-A-Side Football - 7-A-Side Football - PlayCam

PlayCam is one of the fastest growing recording & streaming services for amateur football in the UK

We take a look at what’s involved & how easy it is for you to use…

1. Setup

Firstly, both installation and equipment is supplied by PlayCam for FREE!

Unlike other football recording systems, the PlayCam equipment is permanently installed at your venue. So there is no need to erect the cameras before and after kickoff. The PlayCam cameras remain idle until you schedule a recording.

Football Recording Equipment - 5-A-Side Football - 7-A-Side Football - PlayCam

The very latest in tech

From recording through to viewing games online, the PlayCam system is designed specifically as a quick playback service for amateur footballers.

Recordings are available in as little as 40 minutes.

Uploading recordings and notifying players (when their recordings are ready) is completely automated. Once you have scheduled their game, there is nothing more for you to do!

Installation and setup normally takes around 3/5 days. The PlayCam system can be installed at any small sided venue with floodlight facilities.

2. Control

Game recordings are scheduled via the PlayCam Scheduler. The PlayCam Scheduler is operated within reception by you or your staff.

Regular players, teams or block bookings can be added to a contacts list, allowing you to schedule game recordings within seconds. Future bookings or block bookings can be scheduled months in advance.

All you need to do is add the booking to the Scheduler and the PlayCam system does the rest!

Amateur Football Recording - 5-A-Side Football - 7-A-Side Football - PlayCam

3. Interaction

PlayCam records the full duration of your players game from multiple angles.

Multi Camera Football Recording - 5-A-Side Football - 7-A-Side Football - PlayCam

You can switch between cameras as you watch, tracking the action.

Players can also crop 15 second clips from their full-length recordings to share with friends or social media – Again, this cropping is completely automated by the PlayCam system. Players can submit Goals, Skills and Funny clips to the website.

All clips are entered into our monthly competitions, incentivising your players to interact with both your videos and your venue.

Goal Football Replays - 5-A-Side - 7-A-Side - PlayCam UK
Skill Football Replays - 5-A-Side - 7-A-Side - PlayCam UK
Funny Football Replays - 5-A-Side - 7-A-Side - PlayCam UK

4. Summary

What the PlayCam system does…

  • Control of the cameras (on/off)
  • Automatically uploads the game recordings
    (playback in as little as 40 mins)
  • Notifies your players
    (once the recording is visible on PlayCam)
  • Multi-camera online viewing
  • Crops clips/highlights for your players
    (Liaising directly with them)
  • Replay of the Month awards
  • Promotes your venue on social media


  • Equipment is FREE
  • Installation is FREE
  • Ongoing support and management

and this is what you need to do…

  • Schedule games on the PlayCam Scheduler
    (it takes less than 20 secs)


Football Recording Equipment - 5-A-Side Football - 7-A-Side Football - PlayCam

Goals Tolworth - PlayCam Partnership - London - United Kingdom

PlayCam is very excited to announce 2 new PlayCam pitches at the Goals Tolworth venue in South West London.

Forging new partnerships

Goals football is one of the UK’s leading small-sided football operators, who are dedicated to 5-A-Side and 7-A-Side football. With 46 venues across the United Kingdom and over 30 years in the business, PlayCam are thrilled to be working with this prestigious operator. The Goals Tolworth is one of their top performing venues across the UK.

Goals Tolworth - Video Recording Service - Greater London - PlayCam

Goals Tolworth - 5-A-Side Football Recording - Match Recording - PlayCam

A recording service with a difference

Unlike other recording services, where players need to hit a button to record, PlayCam captures the whole game. This ensures PlayCam doesn’t just capture amazing goals, but spectacular goalkeeping saves, individual moments of skills and the funny fails. All of which are mid-flow in the game, where play can’t stop to hit the button.

Goals Tolworth - 5-A-Side Football Replays - Match Recording - PlayCam

Another unique feature of PlayCam is the time it takes to produce the game recordings. At the Goals Tolworth venue, players can watch back their performances in just 40 minutes after the final whistle. Meaning players don’t need to wait days or weeks to see that magic moment.

The third London venue to partner with PlayCam

Goals Tolworth - 5-A-Side Venues - PlayCam

Goals Tolworth are the third 5-A-Side footballing venue to adopt the PlayCam recording service. With the new relaxed COVID-19 lockdown rules, most players are again enjoying our recording experience.

PlayCam had a 98.6% video viewing rate on its 228 games recorded throughout August.

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1,000 Football Replay Milestone - 5-A-Side - 7-A-Side - PlayCam UK

PlayCam is thrilled to celebrate reaching 1,000 clip submissions to our website!!!

Reaching the 1,000 football clip submissions in 9 months is an incredible achievement for everyone at PlayCam and we would like to thank all the players that enjoy our service.  Capturing over 3,600 hours of footage has produced some fantastic moments and we are delighted to have reached the 1,000 football clip submission milestone!

Since the launch of PlayCam in January 2019, we are completely overwhelmed with the engagement of our football replay service. With so many players using the Clip Creator to crop and share magical moments, we have now built an impressive collection of Goals, Skills and Funny videos.

From the beginning, it’s crucial that PlayCam focused on making the viewer’s experience as best as possible.  We achieved this by creating those 15 second clips that our players submit. Having access to multiple angles means that we can really maximise the replay experience. See some our collection here…

Goal Football Replays - 5-A-Side - 7-A-Side - PlayCam UK
Skill Football Replays - 5-A-Side - 7-A-Side - PlayCam UK
Funny Football Replays - 5-A-Side - 7-A-Side - PlayCam UK

Not only amazing goals

Unlike other football replay services that require you to tap the pitch-side button or click a Fitbit, our players don’t need to pause their game to activate recordings. PlayCam records the full duration of the game, so you’re guaranteed to NEVER MISS MAGIC.

This has allowed us to capture more than just amazing goal videos. In-game skills, goalkeeper saves and hilarious fails are featured within our Clips sections…

More than just a football replay

Our football replay service is also utilised for analytical purposes, tracking players performance and positioning. As well as, settling the odd arguments in the pub after the game!

Because we recorded the full game, players (especially in league teams) use our service to scope and scout their next week opponents. Proving that PlayCam can also be used for more than just fun!

St Dunstan's Enterprise - PlayCam UK - London

We’re excited to unveil four new PlayCam pitches at the St Dunstan’s Enterprise in Catford, South London.

To coincide with the new footballing season in September, St Dunstan’s Enterprise have partnered with PlayCam’s video replay service. The St Dunstan’s centre boasts six 5-A-Side, one 7-A-Side and a full size 3G pitch, that were installed in Spring 2017.

7-A-Side Football - Football Replays - Football Camera Installation
Football Replay Service - Tottenham Hotspur - Football Camera Installation

In addition to their third generation pitches, St Dunstan’s esteem centre has undergone some further enhancements over the last 4 months. Brand new changing rooms (men and women), a new reception area and improvements to the cafeteria.

5-A-Side Football - Football Replays - Football Cameras

Along with 4 new Netball / Basketball courts for 2019, the St Dunstan’s venue can firmly claim to be one of the best sporting venues in London.

Our video recording pitches

St Dunstan’s Enterprise is the second venue in London (this year) to partner with the PlayCam video replay service. PlayCam will be covering four pitches at the St Dunstan’s site.

The multi-camera service will be available on all four of these pitches – ranging from two cameras on the 5-A-Side football pitches and the four-camera system on the 7-A-Side football pitch. We are looking forward to recording the action from both league and social games.

PlayCam’s four-camera system

7-A-Side Camera Coverage - St Dunstan's Enterprise - Catford - London - PlayCam UK

Maximum coverage

PlayCam has also introduced the four-camera system on the 7-A-Side football pitch. This system enables full coverage across the whole pitch, capturing every single magical moment from different angles.

By using the ‘camera switching’ tool on the full recordings, players can track the action along the full length of the pitch. Ensuring that our players will NEVER MISS MAGIC.

A word from St Dunstan’s Enterprise

Gavin Halil, General Manager at St Dunstan’s Enterprise said:

“We’re looking forward to the PlayCam service. We hope that it will be a great addition to our 5-A-Side and 7-A-Side facilities. We’re particularly impressed with how easily shareable and accessible the videos are. I’m sure our players will love this at St Dunstan’s”.

PlayCam look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with St Dunstan’s Enterprise. If you are interested in playing on our St Dunstan’s pitches, book your game now!

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Football Team Building Event - Corporate 5's Cup - Consumer Brands - Round Two - PlayCam

PlayCam were delighted to cover round two of the Corporate 5’s Cup. The second round took place at Trent Park Football on the 14th June 2019 and had a host of big names competing for glory!

​Round two: Consumer Brands

The Corporate 5’s Cup organisers did a great job to bring some big names to this competition.  We were fortunate enough to see the likes of SpotifyRightmove and Wowcher participate in the event.

Spotify Football Team - Corporate 5s Cup - PlayCam
For Goodness Shake Football Team - Corporate 5s Cup - PlayCam
Wowcher Football Team - Corporate 5s Cup - PlayCam
Rightmove Football Team - Corporate 5s Cup - PlayCam

With JOE Media officially launching its own 11-a-side football team, the competition looked to be tough. The Joe Media boys managed some impressive performances in the group stages with some amazing team goals and individual performances. Especially the hat-trick from their number 9 – Alastair Griffin. We’re sure he’ll enjoy watching this one back!

Joe Media reached the Quarter Finals. However, a really impressive Wowcher side dominated the match resulting in a humiliating 10-0 defeat! Why not check out the full results of the tournament.

Again, we were treated to some fantastic action and some memorable moments… and moments that others would like to forget (especially the Living Social goalkeeper)

About the Corporate 5’s Cup 2019

The Corporate 5’s Cup are corporate event organisers that host a series of 8 separate tournaments across eight different industries. The finalists of each tournament will then battle it out on Friday 4th October 2019 to be crowned corporate champions 2019.

Networking Event - Corporate 5's Cup - PlayCam
Team Building Event - Corporate 5s Cup - PlayCam

As well as on-pitch rivalries, the tournament brings organisations together to network with industry peers. With plenty of down time between and after the football games, it’s the perfect way to build bridges and network with like minded individuals and companies.

The experience also provides a unique and exciting team building opportunity for your team to become champions!

Team kits, a hog roast lunch and skill challenges included on the day. Along with the fantastic facilities that Trent Park provide, makes the Corporate 5’s Cup the perfect day out for any business.

Get your business involved in the next event by registering here

Success at this Football Corporate Event

We would like to commend Corporate 5’s Cup on another brilliant tournament. As always, the event was a big success and a great day out for all involved.

We look forward to Round 3: Sports Industry tournament on the 28th June 2019!

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PlayCam competitions - London - Football Boots

Watched over 10,000 time!

With another month of fine goals and skills to choose from, it was another close race for PlayCam’s March/April clip competition. However, it gave PlayCam much pleasure to award the title of March/April clip winner to Serkan at Trent Park Football.

With a total of over 10,000 video views (1,500 on the PlayCam website and a further 8,500 on Twitter), this spectacular overhead kick from Serkan has been a PlayCam favourite!

As a regular of Trent Park Football, we have seen many brilliant moments from Paris Michaels and the team. Serkan’s goal back in April highlights the quality that amateur and social football brings the footballing world!

Showing us all that it isn’t just Ronaldo and co that has dazzling technique!

As reward for winning the March/April clip competition, PlayCam award Serkan with a brand new pair of Adidas 18.3 AG Boots. We hope to be treated to many more clips from Serkan (in his new boots) in the coming months.

Lets see the winning clip

Best of the rest…

As well as this stunning overhead kick, we were also treated to some magical moments from Josh D’Souza and Mitchell Fern. Here are some of our favourites from the March/April clip competition:

by Josh D’Souza
The vision to back heel this around the keeper, with his back to goal was great improvisation from Josh.

by Mitchell Fern
The nutmeg before the rabona goal was simply exceptional.

PlayCam look forward to seeing more skills and goals in the May/June competition.

So get submitting those clips

5-a-side football video pitch - PlayCam

We’re delighted to announce the addition of two new video recording pitches at Trent Park’s illustrious North London football venue.

With an already successful four months working relationship, Trent Park Football has decided to increased the PlayCam service from two pitches to four. PlayCam now cover three 5-a-side football pitches and one 7-a-side football pitch at London’s premium football centre.

All of the installation and equipment required to ensure PlayCam runs smoothly at any venue is provided by PlayCam. The install for Trent Park Football was performed over 5 days, at a time convenient for our client. No busy schedule was disrupted and the entire process run quick and easy, from start to finish.

Football Recording Service - PlayCam
5-A-Side Recording Service - PlayCam

For more information on the installation, equipment and setup, please feel free to contact us.

Since it’s grand opening in 2018, Trent Park continue to improve the services they provide to their players. With their new impressive facilities, 2019 looks set to be an exciting year for one of the front runners of the 5-a-side / 7-a-side football scene.

Sitki Gelmen, Director at PlayCam said: “We’re overwhelmed with the response from the players of Trent Park so far. The standard of football has been very impressive and we have been treated to some fantastic magical moments. We hope that the additional pitches allow us to capture even more!”

Trent Park Football North London

The results so far…

Over the past few months PlayCam has captured some incredible goals and skills. Player interaction and social engagement has far surpassed our expectations, with some video clips reaching over 14,500 views in one day on twitter. PlayCam has been dubbed the ‘Match of the day’ for amateur football and the response has been tremendous. Even capturing the eye of professional football players Joe Ledley and Gary Hooper.

With over 250 clip submissions from Trent Park’s 5-a-side and 7-a-side football venue this year, we would like to showcase some of our favourites.

Our favourite Skill video

by Mitchell Fern
A memorable piece of skill to nutmeg the opposing player, before an amazing rabona goal from Mitchell Fern. Attracting over 850 views on Twitter.

Our favourite Goal video

by Adonis Pratsides
Incredible control and 180 degree volley by Adonis Pratsides back in January. Narrowly missed out on our ‘Goal of the Month’ competition.

Player interaction

Since partnering with Trent Park Football back in January 2019, we have seen some great player engagement with the service. The PlayCam recordings have even inspiring some to produce their own commentary over the PlayCam clips…

A post shared by YBFC (@ybfc_) on

The future of 5-a-side football at Trent Park

With these two additional 5-a-side pitches now boasting the PlayCam recording service, we look forward to seeing more goal and skill recordings in the near future. If you are interested in playing on our pitches, we hope to see you here at Trent Park Football soon.

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