1. Using PlayCam’s video recording service

The use of the PlayCam applications, services, platforms, profiles or the website is subject to our terms and conditions. If there is any conflict between this privacy policy and the website terms and conditions, the website terms and conditions will prevail.

The website is operated by PlayCam Limited (Company Number: 10696978). The Services are produced by PlayCam Limited (the “Website”) . However, these services are provided to you by the venue, sports centre or organisation (the “Provider”).

1.1 The Terms form a legally binding agreement between you and PlayCam in relation to your use of the Service. It is important that you take the time to read them carefully.

1.4 The Terms apply to all users of the Service, including users who are also contributors of Content – “Content” includes the clip submissions, social sharing and other materials you may view on, access through the Website.

1.3 In order to use the Service, you must firstly agree to the Terms. You may not use the Service if you do not accept the Terms.

1.4 You can accept the Terms by simply using the Service. You understand and agree that PlayCam will treat your use of the Service as acceptance of the Terms from that point onwards.

1.5 You may not use the Service and may not accept the Terms if you are a person who is either barred or otherwise legally prohibited from receiving or using the Service under the laws of the country in which you are resident or from which you access or use the Service.

2. Content

2.1 As its the responsibility of the venue, sports centre or organisation (‘Centre’) when submitting Content. You understand that whether or not Content is published, PlayCam Limited does not guarantee any confidentiality with respect to it’s recordings.

2.2 The Centre agrees that Content submitted to the PlayCam Limited will not contain any third party copyright material, or material that is subject to other third party proprietary rights.

2.3 The Centre further understands and acknowledges that in using the PlayCam Service, Content may be exposed that is factually inaccurate, offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable to you. You agree to waive, and hereby do waive, any legal or equitable rights or remedies you have or may have against PlayCam Limited with respect to any such Content.

2.4 Any inaccurate, offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable content will be removed from the PlayCam website without notification to you. PlayCam will not compensate you or any other user of this service if any content is ruled to breach the Inappropriate Content terms set forth in ‘4. Report inappropriate content’.

2.5 The Centre agrees that the players under the Content agreement, with the sports centre or organisation, are above the age of 18. These players have provided written Consent to the Centre prior to any recordings made.

3. Restrictions on use

YouTube hereby grants you permission to access and use the Service. Failure to adhere to any of these conditions shall constitute a breach of these Terms on your part:

3.1 you agree not to use the Service for any of the following commercial uses unless you obtain prior written approval from PlayCam Limited.

2.2 you agree not to collect or harvest any personal data of any user of the Website or any Service.

2.3 you agree not to use the Website or the Services (including the comments and email features in the Website) for the solicitation of business in the course of trade or in connection with a commercial enterprise.

2.4 You shall not copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, or otherwise exploit any Content for any other purposes without the prior written consent of PlayCam or the respective licensors of the Content.

4. Report inappropriate content

PlayCam rely on the Provider and the PlayCam community to report content that they find inappropriate. Reporting content is anonymous, so other users can’t tell who made the report. When a report is made, the suspected Content is not automatically taken down. Reported Content will be reviewed and assessed over a maximum 48 hour period. Inappropriate content will be removed without the users consent. Inappropriate content includes the following:

  • Nudity or sexual content – all nudity or sexual content is strictly prohibited
  • Harmful or dangerous content – content that incite violence or encourage dangerous or illegal activities
  • Hate speech – content that inciting hatred against race, religion, disability, gender or age
  • Violent or graphic content – content shows graphic or controversial footage (injuries)
  • Harassment or bullying – physical or verbally abusing players. Threatening and intimidation behaviour
  • Inappropriate language – language that could offend younger viewers

You can report any inappropriate content on our contact form.

5. Publishing of content

Full length recordings
PlayCam rely on the Provider to transfer the recordings to the Website. Due to various factors, full length records can take up to 24 hours to appear on the Website. Once this recording has been added to the website, an email is sent to the player that made the booking (If it is a league game, the captain is notified via email). These full length recordings are viable for 14 days. After which, the recording is removed and deleted. There is no way to retrieve a full length recording after this 14 days expires.

Clip submissions
Clip submissions must be reviewed by the Website before appearing on the website. This review process can take up to 24 hours. An email notification will be sent to the submitter once the Clip has been reviewed. This email notification will outline whether the submission had been successful. Clip submissions will remain on the website for a minimum of 18 months.

Missing recordings
If you are unable to find a recording on the Website, you must contact the venue, sports centre or organisation you made the booking with. PlayCam is not responsible for any recording that was not added to the Website.

6. Player consent

Prior to using the PlayCam service, the person (‘Player’) that has made the booking must provide written Consent to the Centre before any recording is performed. It is the duty of the Centre to gain this written consent from the Player on their first booking.

By providing written Consent, the Player agrees that PlayCam (including its Centre and affiliates) has no legal responsibility for any liability, claims, demands, damages and expenses arising out of, or in connection with, the video recordings and/or audio (including, but not limited to, breaches of data protection, defamation and copyright).

This Players consent includes, but is not limited to:

  • the consent for himself/herself, as well as, all other parties participating within their bookings (and/or future bookings) to be (audio and video) recorded
  • all party members under their bookings (and/or future bookings) are above the age of eighteen (18).

6.1 The Player excepts that all inappropriate video or audio content will be removed, without their (or any other parties) Consent. PlayCam (or its Centre and affiliates) will not compensate the Player, or any other parties, if any content is ruled to breach Inappropriate Content rules. (see 4. Report Inappropriate Content)

6.2 PlayCam (its Centre and affiliates) will not compensate the Player, or any other parties, for the loss of recordings due to unforeseen technical issues that disrupt the operation of the service. Or any maintenance periods where the recording services are unavailable.

6.3 The Consent provided by the Player is perpetual, that I may not revoke, and covers both the PlayCam (including its Centre and affiliates) and the Player for all future bookings made by this Player at this Centre.

Please note: It is solely the responsibility of the Player to provide consent for all other parties playing on their bookings (and/or future bookings). If the Player believe to have breach the above Consent terms, this Player MUST consult the Centre prior to your booking and recording.

Consent is a precondition of the recording service and you can refuse consent without detriment to your booking. You can withdraw consent and the recording service at any time by contacting the Centre prior to your booking.