Everything is taken care of by us…

Both installation and equipment required to use the PlayCam service will be provided to you completely FREE. Our expert camera installation team and software engineers will visit the venues to install and setup.

FREE Setup and equipment

PlayCam utilises top of the range equipment to capture the action on the pitch. Our trained camera installation team will visit your venue to install everything you need completely FREE.

FREE Software

PlayCam has also been developed to streamlined and simplified the recording process. It takes 30 seconds to schedule a recording on the PlayCam software. Our software can be installed on any Windows computer.

FREE Marketing

We see ourselves as your second marketing arm. When you business and clientele grows, so does we. We’re here to promote our service at your venue to as many local players as possible.

FREE Support

We also provide all year round support and maintenance for you and the PlayCam system and services.

Whats included…

PlayCam provides you with all the assets you need to record games for your players. At absolutely no cost, you will receive everything you need to get started:

  • Recording software (PlayCam)
  • Software setup
  • Camera hardware
  • Installation of hardware
  • Additional marketing and exposure of your venue
  • Social media marketing (links to hundreds of frequent players)
  • Online video playback
  • Automated player notifications

All absolutely FREE!

Thank you for your enquiry. We will get back to you shortly.