Giving players more than just a game….

As well as providing match recordings, PlayCam presents many other incentives to encourage players to continuously interacts with your services. Here are a few other services that PlayCam provide to the players at you sporting venue:

Video Playback | Benefits for Players | PlayCam

Easy access

Video Playback

Your players can now watch replays of their full game. After the game has ended, an email notification to this replay will be sent to the player. Players can also find their replays online.

Clip Selector | Benefits for Players | PlayCam

Just the highlights

Clip selector

The ‘Clip’ selector gives players the ability to cut and select short 15 second clips from their full replays. This allows them to share special moments with friends and other PlayCam users.

Competitions | Benefits for Players | PlayCam

Encourage interaction


Regular Goal and Skill competitions encourage players to share and vote on ‘Clips’. The most voted replays from across the PlayCam community are awarded prizes on a monthly basis.

Community | Benefits for Players | PlayCam

For the player


We aim to establish a community within the world of amateur football. Bring players updates on future fixtures, league tables and competitions will make your business a central point of this community.

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