5-A-Side Tournament 2019 - PlayCam UK

PlayCam cover several 5-A-Side Tournaments throughout the year. PlayCam do not coordinate these tournaments, instead partner with various event organisers and corporate event organisers to provide regular 5-A-Side Tournaments in 2019.

General format of 5-A-Side tournaments

Most 5-A-Side tournaments in the UK operate on the World Cup format. With a round robin group stage that is followed by cup knockouts. This insures that all participating teams are guaranteed at least 4 games.

Group stages are often played in the morning, allowing enough time for a lunch break. This is usually for an hour. After lunch, knockout stages and finals complete the afternoon period

The team

Teams consist of a minimum of 5 players with a maximum of 8 players in total per team. Substitutions are rolling throughout the game with one on, one off.

Not all events provide football kits to the teams involved. Please consult the organisers prior to the tournament.

Prizes at our 5-A-Side tournaments

Commonly, the 5-A-Side tournament closes with a prize ceremony. Prizes vary per tournament, so please ensure to checkout this information in the events section.

Subsequently, PlayCam occasionally present special prizes to ‘Goal of the Tournament’. Goal of the tournament is judged by the 5-a-side tournament organisers. Again, please see the individual event for further information.

Our up and coming 5-A-Side Tournaments in 2019 are as followed:

Make A Wish - 5-A-Side Tournament 2019

‘The One True Wish Cup’ 2019

19th October 2019 – Trent Park Football

Working with the Make-A-Wish UK Charity for this years ‘The One True Wish Cup’ Get involved

Corporate 5's Cup - 5-A-Side Tournament 2019

Corporate 5’s Cup – Grand Final

November – St Dunstans

The Grand final of the Corporate 5’s Cup. Winners of the previous tournaments fight to be crowned 2019 champion.

SetPlay Cup - 5-A-Side Tournament 2019

SetPlays Christmas Tournament

December 2019 – St Dunstans

The Second event of the year from SetPlay, helping to promote their football events application. Get involved

Tournaments setup

It is the responsible of our event organisers to maintain a smooth and successful running of the 5-A-Side tournaments. Timetables, game durations and tournament formats will vary from each tournament. Click on the information tabs on each event for further information.