5-A-Side Football - Northern Ireland - Coleraine - Score FC - PlayCam

PlayCam are thrilled to announce that our recording & streaming service is available in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

Score Football Centre is the first centre of its kind in Ireland to showcase grassroots recording services.  The PlayCam technology will now feature on five 5-A-Side football pitches in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

5-A-Side Football - Northern Ireland - Coleraine - Score FC - PlayCam

Score FC – Coleraine

Based in the centre of Coleraine town, Score Football Centre is Ireland’s leading indoor football facility.

The Score facilities have five 5-A-Side pitches that are installed with the latest 4G professional surface. The PlayCam technology will now cover all five pitches.

All five pitches will be covered by the PlayCam two-camera system. This ensures that every blade of grass is covered by the camera technology. It also allows for multiple angles when watching back either the full action or clips.

5-A-Side Football - Coleraine - PlayCam - Northern Ireland - Score FC

Easy setup

The installation process took 5 days to complete. All of the equipment and software required to operate the PlayCam service was supplied for FREE. The PlayCam installation team has vast knowledge and expertise to perform a safe, reliable and professional instalment.

PlayCam’s mission is to make sports recordings accessible to all levels of the game. By providing a fast action replay service, we hope to enhance the experience of every player that visits the Score Football Centre.

PlayCam - 5-A-Side Football - Northern Ireland - Coleraine - Score FC
5-A-Side Football - PlayCam - Northern Ireland - Coleraine - Score FC

A word from PlayCam

Ricky Seager, Co-Founder of PlayCam:
“We are delighted to showcase our recording and streaming technology at Score Football Centre.  Having the opportunity to take our services into Northern Ireland is a big step for PlayCam.”

“PlayCam has the potential to change the way the grassroots players interact with the 5-A-Side game. We hope this new technological addition adds value to an already fantastic centre.” 

“I look forward to a successful partnership between PlayCam and the Score FC teams.”

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