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PlayCam announces it’s fourth new centre of 2022! Box Football, Greater Manchester will now offer the PlayCam Technology.


5-A-Side Football - Manchester - Box Football - PlayCam

Box Football – Greater Manchester

Box Football is the first 5-a-side football centre in the north-west of England to offer the PlayCam technology.

Located just on the outskirts of Manchester, the Box Football venue has three 5-A-Side pitches with the latest 4G professional surface.

All three pitches at Box Football are now covered by the PlayCam technology. Two of the pitches showcase the two-camera cross over system (as demonstrated below).

Two-camera crossover system

After the success of this system at Trent Park, Box Football were eager to adopt the same approach to provide the ultimate experience for their players, with maximum pitch coverage.

Unlike the traditional camera positioning, the two-camera crossover system allows the audience to experience replays from the players perspective. This system also provides a better view and understanding of the whole pitch. Allowing more insight into the action in the middle of the pitch.

5-A-Side Football - Coleraine - PlayCam - Northern Ireland - Score FC

Easy to use Scheduling software

With our streamlined and simple Scheduling software, our centres have the ability to schedule recordings all within a few clicks.

1. Adding players

First you need to add the bookers information to the PlayCam Scheduler. This will allow players to search online to find their replays.

Once the players information is added to the system, you will not need to repeat this process. It is stored within the contacts list.

PlayCam Technology - Box Football - Manchester - 5-A-Side Football

Football Recording - Box Football - Manchester - 5-A-Side Football

2. Scheduling a recording

Simply add the date, time and pitch number to the PlayCam application and the PlayCam Scheduler takes care of the rest!

Once the recording is complete, an email is automatically sent to the player notifying them that the replay is ready. Alternatively, players can search the website.

It’s that simple!!!!

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