PlayCam - Football Factory - Birmingham

PlayCam are thrilled to announce another new centre to feature the PlayCam Technology! This time in Birmingham

5-A-Side Football Recording Equipment- Birmingham - Football Factory - PlayCam

Football Factory – Redditch, Birmingham

Football Factory, located in Redditch is the first 5-a-side venue in the Birmingham region to feature the PlayCam technology. This brand new venue, completed in May 2023, boasts two state-of-the-art 5-A-Side pitches with the latest 4G professional surface.

We were delighted to collaborate with the Football Factory, as their commitment to excellence and quality service closely align with our own. From the top-notch changing facilities to the impressive fan stand, every aspect of Football Factory showcases a level of quality that sets a new standard for small-sided venues.

Innovative 5-A-Side football recording technology

To match the innovative nature of the venue, we have installed the two of our popular systems, which had immense success at other PlayCam venues:

The two-camera crossover system

The two-camera crossover system, as demonstrated below, offers a unique perspective to 5-A-Side football recording. Allowing our players to relive the action from a wider point of view, this advanced setup offers greater insights to the action within the middle of the pitch, capturing every exciting moment.

The celebration cam

In addition to the two-camera crossover system, PlayCam also introduced the very popular ‘Celebration Cam’ at the Birmingham venue. This unique 5-A-Side football recording angle allows players to relive their goal celebrations in addition to their actual goals.

Particularly popular among younger players and 5-a-side birthday parties, the Celebration Cam captures those memorable moments of joy and excitement after scoring that worldie.

Veo Camera Alternative - Football Factory - Birmingham - PlayCam

Football Recording Camera - Football Factory - Birmingham - PlayCam

The ultimate football experience

With it’s stunning design and cutting-edge playing surfaces, Football Factory centre provides an exceptional backdrop for PlayCam recording service. Their 5-A-Side facility offers the epitome of the ultimate football experience.

Football Factory should serve as a prime example for every 5-A-Side football centres, demonstrating how a small-sided venue should be designed and operated. Their attention to detail and dedication to providing a superior experience to players and fans alike are commendable.

They have meticulously crafted a facility that encapsulates the essence of top-tier football for all types of players – and is one of the best centres that we have had the privilege to partner with!

5-A-Side Football - Football Factory - Birmingham - PlayCam

Football Recording Equipment - Football Factory - Birmingham - PlayCam

PlayCam hopes that this is the first of many more centres under the Football Factory model. Great job to Ainsley and Adam for creating this fantastic venue!